Thursday, April 4, 2013

Depression Part 2

All types of depression have very similar symptoms. I believe that the most common symptom of depression would have to be having a low mood. I also believe another most common symptom is having a loss of appetite or losing weight. Another symptom could be insomnia, which means not being able not sleep. Having a loss of energy is also a symptom of depression because the person is not sleeping. Depression can make a person not want to do their normal daily activities like going to work or being around family and friends. An individual could have reckless behavior as a symptom of having depression. Anger or irritability could also be a sign of having depression. Another symptom may be having a hard type concentration on different things throughout the day. If a person beings to start self-loathing they may have a type of depression. These symptoms can and probably will affect your everyday life.
Treatments are available for many different type of depression. The most common treatment for

depression would some type of medicine. The medicine that most doctors would give a person who

suffers from depression would an antidepressant. Antidepressants are used for many other conditions

like anxiety or eating disorders.  When a person has depression there doctors make tell them to

change their lifestyle.

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